Here are three reasons why career/major exploration are a crucial part of the WeAdmit program:

  1. Having a clear picture of their career and major increases a student's chances of getting into their dream school. Knowing precisely who they are allows them to write authentic and impactful essays. Admissions officers favor students who have a clear vision of how they will make the most of their time in college.

  2. Students who change their major during college are likely to take more than four years to graduate. This translates into another year or more of tuition and other costs, so thinking about their career goals now will save students and their families money in the long run.

  3. Consider what college will look like if your student has clearly set objectives from the first day of their college life. Now only will they be more focused and proactive, but they'll learn more in their first few years of college than those who are undecided about their future. 

Through regular guidance from our Head Counselors, College Coaches, and the WeAdmit curriculum, narrowing down a career and major will come naturally over the duration of our program. An important thing to note is that your child does not have to plan their perfect career path at this time. We always encourage students to reevaluate their dreams when they are inspired by new people in a new environment. This is how people grow. So, think of this as laying the foundation for future successes.

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