We help our students identify their reach, target, and safety schools through a holistic approach. First, our students choose their intended major and school preferences (such as size, distance from home, and location), which we use to narrow down their school list. Then, based on their academic level, we help the student identify a variety of colleges for each category. During the process, we also provide our students with additional tools so they can research and find schools for themselves. It's well known that applying to more than twelve colleges decreases a student's chances of admission due to the lack of necessary attention per application. Therefore, we encourage our students to select two to four reach schools, four to six target schools, and three to four safety schools. Our Head Counselors and College Coaches also help devise an application strategy that includes Early Action schools, improving the odds of acceptance and more complete financial aid packages. Since some students may also choose to apply Early Decision, Single-Choice Early Action, or Restricted Early Action, there many other factors to take into account as we help determine a well-rounded application strategy.

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